Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2017

My way to Mexico


Guess whaaaaat? 😱😍 This summer, I have the opportunity to go to Puebla, Mexico for a whole year to volunteer with a project that supports street children. I will be part of the nonprofit organization JUCONI, which cares for marginalized groups of young people who have experienced a lot of violence and abuse. These youths are traumatised by their experiences, which has worn out their mental and physical condition. As a result, many are not able anymore to control their emotions and act rationally, resulting in violence towards others. Many of these kids end up on the streets, isolating them even more. To break this cycle, JUCONI works hard to rehabilitate them and to reintegrate them in society. The focus does not lie solely on the kids, but also on their families, their communities and the schools they visit. The aim is to create a healthy environment and provide better prospects for the youths of Puebla to give them the chance of a fullfilled life.

I’m super excited about this opportunity, but there’s lots of work to do for me to put this plan into practice. One big issue is the funding. The German Red Cross and the weltwärts programme by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has agreed to support me with 75% of the total costs. However, they have also asked me to collect an additional amount of 2.400€ (i.e. 200€ per month) via donations. While this sounds like a lot of money, I feel confident that I will be able to pull off my dream with your help. Your support would be an amazing gesture and I will probably fall in LOVE with everyone who makes a donation, so don’t miss your chance. 😉 Please don’t just close this tab and hope that others will help 😄 Check if you can afford a small amount of money for this project. Every little bit helps. From time to time I will release new information via this blog, so please keep in touch and look forward to many exciting tales from my Mexperience! 💖

Account for donations:
Badisches Rotes Kreuz e.V.

Bank name: Sparkasse Freiburg
IBAN: DE75680501010013141516

Reason of payment:
Spende Projekt ww1705
Your Address (if you need a donation receipt)

The amount covers expenses for an entire year and roughly it splits into three parts:
First of all, living expenses: It covers the flights, insurance, support for the guest family who provide me with accommodation and food, plus 100€ monthly pocket money for miscellaneous expenses.
Second, to cover the educational costs of the host organization JUCONI. They will teach me how to work with street children: How to make first contact, therapeutical training, didactic methods, etc.
Third, before the start of my trip, I will attend a two weeks seminar by the German Red Cross to prepare for my time as a volunteer.

The weltwärts programme is government funded and covers 75% of the total costs of every volunteer they send. By collecting the missing 2.400€ through donations, the idea is to bring attention to the great work of JUCONI in Puebla, to the work of volunteers and to the weltwärts programme.

Not included in the amount are all my personal expenses, as well as the VISA, which will cost another 200€. This I have to pay by myself. Also, the donations go directly to the German Red Cross,
so even if I wanted to run away to Las Vegas with the money, I couldn't. 😉

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  1. Was für eine tolle Erfahrung! Ich glaube auch, dass jeder Beitrag nützlich sein kann. Für mich mag ich Reisen zu ungewöhnlichen Orten. In diesem Frühjahr gingen ich und meine Freunde zu Diese abgelegene Ecke der Arktis wird heute selten besucht, ist aber in der Geschichte der Polarforschung noch immer von Bedeutung. Dort erkundete ich wunderschöne Fjorde und Inseln und sah die gesamte arktische Tierwelt. Empfehlen Sie dieses Land mindestens einmal im Leben zu besuchen!

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